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Auto Ecommence Script

We offer wide features in Auto Ecommerce Script. Some of the features are mas SMS newsletter, order discount generator code, email alerts, SMS notifications, Order admin templates, currency exchange rates, member track orders , member type and its condition, and many more features which are easily configured.


List Of Features

  • Mass SMS Newsletter
  • Min/Max allowed Order for Unverified/Verified
  • Order Discount generator code
  • Reserve, min/max, fee display in Buy/Sell order page
  • Email alert when Account status is changed from unverified > Verified
  • SMS Notification fee added as part of fee charged (admin can turn on/off)
  • New Admin Template (Better and admin user friendly)
  • Order auto Expired for Buy,Sell & Exchange Orders (Cron Jobs)
  • Currency Exchange rates
  • Member subscribed for Newsletter (only member who tick subcribed for newsletter will receive message sent by admin via News Letter)
  • Mail Template (All email sent by system should be editable via Admin End)
  • New Template Structure (All php files should take the design look from Template folder)
  • New Buy/Sell Order process
  • New Buy/Sell, Exchange History for Member & Admin
  • News given a special links (All news posted by admin can be view in full)
  • Add New Service such as Purchase Recharge Card, or other service which can be paid by Wallet Balance or Voucher card System
  • Admin can enable/disable “Forget Password”
  • Member Track order# without member login to get the status
  • Member Status > Suspension of a user will limit buy,sell,exchange or un able to perform all transactions
  • Extension of referrer profit to Buy/Sell order & it % calc (Admin will be able to enable or disable)
  • Buy,Exchange form will confirm receiving account
  • Better Design Structure and table for home rate page
  • Admin Click Single or Mass Pay on Admin Buy & Exchange History to auto pay by calling api of ecurrency accounts
  • Member is able to receive SMS alert if they receive Internal Transfer (member will be able to activate )
  • Admin SMS Fee (setting for member usage of sms)
  • Member Reserve Notification
  • Member Type and it condition
  • Admin News Letter will go to ONLY member whom subscribed
  • Admin Email alert when Testimony is posted by Member and Member should receive email alert when there post is approved
  • Admin should receive Email alert when Member or Reseller Submit Verification Document.
  • Suspension of Order in a system
  • Redesign of Set site Offline
  • Admin Able to Add new pages to home and member panel

Note: These are current features please do not ask for already developed features.

One comment

  1. Product Name : Auto Ecurrency Exchanger (Ecommence Script)

    Product Version : v8.3.3

    First Released : 05/15/2009

    Latest Released : 18/08/2014

    Price : $750.00 USD per Domain License One Time

    Release Type: General Release
    Release Date: 18th August 2014
    New Member Registration (admin can choose from 2 type)
    All security information stored in db using MD5
    Session expire added to turing number, member logging including admin
    Login of member, reseller and admin should give reason of failed login, reason should *incorrect password,account suspended, account do not exist or found, account disabled if admin etc
    Script Time,Date selection from Admin (Then Only this time , date will be used for all action in the script whether cron jobs or other usage of time , like Mail Template, session logged in and out in the script, date and time order created , pending or completed )
    Currency System, Rate reconfigure and table re change , calculation re program
    In Admin panel, Reseller and Member Verification Document should have search button for both email ID and username, easier for Admin to get to the verification documents uploaded by users.
    In Admin, Newsletter should have Subject line which admin can write himself before emails are dispatched
    Case ID: 7381 Test restrictions on ecommerce script with mobile. For example, if Unverified Members were restricted to buy ONLY $100 per day, I discovered that such restriction does not work on certain mobile OS. Test on different platforms. (Fixed)
    In Submit Teller under Buy Ecurrency, members should have additional option to insert bank paid into and date of payment.
    Removed Liberty Reserve Currency Everywhere it exist both in member/admin with their functions,integration etc and replace the function/integration with Webmoney (WMZ)
    Case ID: 5893 member/logReport.php if auto sign out occurred * Log Out Time & Login Period * do not update this should be updated accordingly time auto log out and period used before auto logout
    Write Testimony (Disable member able to resize and make it a standard box, also allow text only with no html)
    Tell A friend (Member referrer ID is used)
    Member Dashboard Under General Section Download KYC Form give Designer ability to update the link url (should be available in template) as default link it to /verification_info/kyc_download/KYC_renamethisname.pdf (you can manage this directly from Admin Setting)
    You can manage content in Account Verification page of member directly from admin setting
    Expected Amount (Buy, Sell and Exchange Section) Enable member to be able to either enter the amount needed or amount they want to expect then automatically update both result
    member/contactDownline.php (If no affiliate member is availble then no message box should display)
    Pay Later or Sell Later is now added to Sell and Exchange Ecurrency History IF not expired but Open order
    Admin Permission Updated with new conditions
    Many other changes and improvement were done but did not note them for security purpose.

    Auto Ecurrency Exchanger (Ecommence Script)


    Full Member Management (improved)
    Mass Pay Buy & Exchange with single click (improved)
    Able to turn on/off Pages
    Manage Sub Admin (staff)
    Staff Permission & Restriction
    Payment Logs (new)
    Staff log activity
    Site Date/Time Zone
    Complete content management system, to easily add/remove or edit pages.
    Complete Caching system to boost up pages loading speed.
    Able to TURN on/off Payment Automation
    Verification Document Management
    Full Order Management
    Auto Suspension of Order (new)
    Reserve Request Management
    Offer Discount auto & manual
    Turn Off Admin login
    Auto Expire (Cron Job)
    Allow or Disable Other Service
    Ability to ask for Verification documents for any order
    Full Affiliate Management
    Offer System Voucher function
    Offer Reseller Service function
    Complete Fee Management
    Local Currency function (new)
    Mass Newsletter & SMS
    Add News
    Testimony Management
    Turn Off Admin (new)
    Block User Management (improved)
    Admin login SMS notification & Code Access
    Outgoing Email Templates (Updated with new & omitted Mail)
    Outgoing SMS Template (improved)
    Wallet Management & Internal Transfer (removed function)
    Easy Bug or Error report from Admin
    Member Type & conditions
    User Profile Management
    Order status and history,The member can list, review even can sell later (improved)
    Send notification e-mail for every order , triggered by the order detail’s.
    Automatic password retrieval using Date of birth and Question & Answer (New)
    IP logging system
    Ability to place order using System Voucher for Auto or Manual Process
    Member can subscribed or disable to Newsletter
    Member can enable or disale sms notification
    Member can refer friends using their affiliate id (improved)
    Reseller can submit verification doc
    Member has ability to communicate with their referrer
    User Profile Management
    Order status and history
    Send notification e-mail for every order , triggered by the order detail’s.
    Automatic password retrieval using Date of birth and Question & Answer (New)
    IP logging system
    Automation Order Voucher
    Issue Voucher to End user
    Request Reseller Listing
    Reseller Score rating
    Reseller can submit verification doc
    Smarty Integrated for Templating
    Create New and Modify new pages
    User friendly & Easy to nafigate
    PHP code support in templates files.

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