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Social Media(SMO & SMM)

What is social media?

Social media is any online space where people are enabled to communicate with each other using digital content – words, images, audio, videos. You can consider blogs, forums, conversational sections of news articles, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and various other websites to be social media spaces.

Why is social media important to sfwebhostin?

Many people prefer to receive and share information in social media spaces, thus sfwebhostinparticipates in the online conversation to interact with people where it’s most immediate and convenient. sfwebhostinuses social media to share information about upcoming events, promote new providers and services, share stories and news, provide health and safety tips and receive input from its community.

How are customer service issues managed in social media?

Any customer service issues received through social media spaces are routed directly to the Customer Service department and fulfilled by that team. To respect patient privacy, we will likely ask patients to take the conversation offline when we are initially contacted through social media.

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