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Some essentials of a domain name

Some essentials of a domain name

Create a distinctive identity for your website with only one of its kind domain name from A unique domain name ensures that your site is memorable and likeable, and thus users are likely to log into it repeatedly. Clients come to us enquiring about the qualities of good domain names

Whether to use short or long domain names

Domains can extend up to 67 characters; thus, do not go for a domain name like whereas you wanted your domain name to be The preference to go for a short or long domain name is particularly a site owner’s decision with numerous arguments on which of the two is better.

Some people argue that short domain names are better because they are easier to commit to memory, easy to type and at the same time, a user is less likely to make typographical mistakes. A longer domain name is however preferred by others who observe that long domain names are easy and simple on the human memory. When a short domain name is a combination of meaningless characters, it becomes hardly visible by the server, leave alone memorable to the human mind.

Even with such academic views, there’s no concrete or definite response to whether short domains are better than the longer ones, or whether the opposite is true. My personal opinion is that while the long domains may work just as well as the short ones, a short domain name should be based on meaningful characters and not insignificant combinations.

Give similar names to your website and domain

To a good many of us, naming our websites just as our domain name may seem very obvious. However, there are numerous sites that are not named according to their domain names. It is pretty cool and advantageous to name your site just as your domain name. This grabs people’s memory in a way that when they recall your website, they will remember it or relate it to its domain. When the name of your site is also your Universal Resource Locator, URL, remembering it directly tells people where to go when they want to use your service.

Also, consider a situation where your web site’s name is Viking, but somebody else owns that domain name, while you own another invisible and unrelated domain name. Chances are that when your clients remember the site Viking and consequently type, they will end up in another site, not yours.

We advise our clients that getting domain names that match their businesses pays handsomely. You don’t expect your clients to memorize the names, so don’t confuse them. Even when you think that your domain names are taken, try again, because that simple task can be the key to your online success.

At, we find excellent domain names for our clients and get them registered. After proper check into your market niche, we assign your site a unique name that will have traffic flowing to your site.

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